Propane Barn Heater


Portable outdoor propane heater. Single burner radiant heater with 10 foot hose and regulator. Everything works. No electricity required. This is not a mini outdoor gas/heat lamp – puts out 15,000 BTU’s. Great for outdoor recreation, outdoor vehicle repair or heating indoor livestock space.
20 pound tank is about ½ to ¾ full. Ultra quiet operation - no noise.
Control the heat with the regulator. Can mount the heater anywhere away from the tank as have lots of hose. Picture of it operating is at the lowest setting – can crank it full on and the mesh is totally red/yellow and hot. Can feel it radiate 15 feet away. Can get about 25 hours of heat if run heater on high with a full tank. Asking $80. If ad is visible than heater is available.
West Edmonton location.

780 699 4805